Michael Louie was born and raised in Delaware. He went to school at the University of Delaware where he got a degree in English and minored in Anthropology. After college he moved to Los Angeles and worked for Giant Robot magazine as a writer, assistant editor, and science experiment test subject. Two years later he went to the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley and got a Masters degree, which he will be paying off for the rest of his life. After Berkeley, he, along with former classmate Casey McKinney, started the web magazine FANZINE with the goal of making a creative place for literary journalists and fiction writers like themselves, and based on the idea of the classic, punk-rock, staple-and-fold zine. Aside from editing FANZINE, Louie has written for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, Punk Planet, Transworld Skate Business, Clamor, and other journals of varying note. His current project is a throwback to the classic zine, called FISH BUM—an examination of fishing in urban and unusual areas. The first issue was a collection of essays, interviews, and photographs about fishing the East River in New York City. He maintains a photography blog called It's a Sad and Beautiful World, at the moment chronicling lost years in the late 1990s and first half of the aughts in which he shot a lot of film that he never had the money to develop. A recent returnee to the world of freelance writing, he currently lives in Brooklyn but wishes he was fishing on the south side of Montauk during the new moon.