• 1000 Hurts

    One year in the world of obstacle racing—an exploding scene born out of traditional adventure trail running, but made more accessible to athletes of all levels. Explores the cultural aspects and attraction of events like the Spartan Death Race, Tough Mudder, and Goruck Challenge, looking at reasons from national distress and our immersion in a war abroad to our society's need to be a part of something bigger than the individual.

  • The Chase is Always Better Than the Kill

    Covering the first annual (2009) Brooklyn Fishing Derby, a month-long contest to catch the biggest fish from the East River. The derby's start coincided with the newly mandated salt-water fishing license, which had many anglers up in arms and some eastern Long Island towns citing a pre-Revolutionary War document to plead their case.

  • David Carradine R.I.P.

    A light-hearted eulogy to the actor David Carradine, who met an unfortunate end.

  • Days of Final Fantasy XI

    In 2001, Shawn Wooley commited suicide in front of his computer while his MMO went on without him. A long feature on the negatives and surprising positives of video game addiction and obsession from, among others, a first-person perspective.

  • "Gentlemen, Gentlemen...."

    A tribute to the actor Robert Culp, who died in March 2010.

  • "God Bless You, Kim Jong"

    A short piece on strategic missile defense and revisiting mutually assured destruction in the wake of the 2006 North Korean ICBM test.

  • Hardcore UFOs: NASA's Dark Days

    In an age where the organization is increasingly struggling for relevance, an examination of three failed enterprises that occured over the years of its existence in the first week of February for NASA.

  • Hardcore UFOs Part II: 50 Years After Sputnik

    A look back on the events surrounding the Sputnik launch in 1957 and the implications it held for the world then and how they continue to the present.

  • Hangmen of the Age of Electricity

    An essay on the long-term effects of capital punishment for the executors of the act, from the so-called "hangmen of the Age of Electricity" to those of the Pharmaceutical Age, and the methods the state uses to alleviate their inevitable spiritual collapses.

  • Hockey on Lock?

    The third NHL lockout in 20 years is finally over after four months and another lost half season. The NHL has lost nearly 2400 games since commisioner Gary Bettman took over in 1993, and that's more than three times the amount of games lost than any other major league sport in America. As the NHL struggles to find its place in the sports marketplace, this latest lockout is just another in a series of missteps and near-self-destructive disasters for the league.

  • The Rambler

    A short piece on the mobile art/heavy-metal music installation "The Rambler" as it courses its way through the streets of San Francisco in measured tones and beats in accordance to the Earth's approximate distance from the Sun.

  • Robert Anasi's The Last Bohemia

    A review of Robert Anasi's homage to his old neighborhood and days gone by.

  • Sports + Columns

    Sports pieces dealing mostly with hockey and the NHL. Click the header for links.