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One Thousand Hurts

After tracking down all the interviews and everything else I needed I was forced to give this article one last heave-ho to get it done before the June Spartan Death Race in order to save a source the pain of a 12-mile swim penalty. Hopefully I got it posted in time; if not, sorry Yitzy. I tried. I know you have what it takes to finish this year. This is the culmination of about a year's worth of reporting on the culture of obstacle racing, exploring the ideas of what makes these events so attractive and, more so, what keeps people coming back. I had a lot of help with this article, so big thank yous go to my sources, namely Mike Warren, Eric Delahaye, Casey Hereth, Audrey Bollers, Amelia Boone—whether she knows it or not—, Daniel McCurdy, Ryan Christie, Roxanne Meeker, Yitzy Sontag, Carrie Adams @ Spartan, and Jason McCarthy and Sophie Pollitt-Cohen at Goruck. Also special thanks goes to Amy Herschleb at Fanzine for getting the article up today in time for the Death Race that starts tomorrow. Take a read here. Archived article coming up.

Next up is the snakehead story. Ben Sargent and I recently went into the backwoods of Maryland for a snakehead fishing tournament and came out with a whole new perspective on the potential of this fish. There will be a new Fish Bum zine about the tournament and, hopefully, an accompanying magazine article to go with it. Taking one night off, then it's back to work.


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