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The Last Bohemia

I wrote up a short review of Robert Anasi's latest book, The Last Bohemia, about Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I've lived for the past six years. Anasi's Williamsburg predates my own, and most of his memories in the book are about the older, grittier Williamsburg than about the upscale, beaten-to-death-hipster-joke that the neighborhood is mostly known for today. He writes about a time in his life that I must say was very similar to my own in San Francisco: both hustling up cash, living in unadvisable conditions, both looking for something like a secret history in the city's walls. The parts of his book that focused on the changes on the waterfront are most significant for me, as one of my favorite things to do is talk to the old timer fishing guys on the piers and ask them where they were and what it was like twenty years ago on this spot.


This year's fishing derby is slowly coming together. The snakehead story is again on hold as the summer got crazy and I wasn't able to head back down to Maryland to meet up with the guys I interviewed. I really feel like this is great subject matter, but with the weather cooling off, those fish are going to head to deeper water and the striped bass are going to move south again. I still have a few hours of interview tape to transcribe in between several other projects. The time for fishing has been rare these last few months, but I'm hoping to get back to the ocean again in the next few weeks.

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